“I wasn’t there to make me dredge “, Clémentine Sarlat tells of his meeting with his companion

« Je n’étais pas là pour me faire draguer », Clémentine Sarlat raconte sa rencontre avec son compagnon

Since Saturday, April 4 the sports reporter Clémentine Sarlat has thrown a stone into the pond of French Television (and Stage 2 in particular), accusing ex-employees of harassment. The one that has just announced wait for her second child, was delivered in the pages of GQ on his thunderbolt with his companion, the former linebacker Clement Marienval.

The walls of France Télévisions have crumbled this weekend. After the publication of an article in L’equipe this Saturday, April 4, in which the sports reporter Clémentine Sarlat accuses ex-employees of Stage 2 of the have harassed her (especially because of her outfits), the drafting of sports was required to defend himself while the leadership of France Tv has decided to open an internal investigation.

Brave have unveiled the behind-the-scenes, the young and brilliant journalist of 32 years – which has left France 2 for BeIn Sports in 2018, apparently overwhelmed by the sexist remarks – has been able to rely on his companion, the former linebacker Clement Marienval to support this event and find the resources to express it.

Met in 2014 before a game of rugby that Clementine was covering for France Tv, Clément Marienval never let go of the lovely journalist now six years old. And after having given birth to a first child in 2017, a little girl named Ella, the couple has just announced wait a second happy event for the next school year.

« Je n’étais pas là pour me faire draguer », Clémentine Sarlat raconte sa rencontre avec son compagnon

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It was just a year ago, Clementine was also on his amazing “coup de foudre” for Clement in the pages of GQ. In 2014, as the champion wears the colours of the Stage la rochelle and the journalist covers a match of his team for France Télévisions, their eyes meet : “He looked at me like a psycho”, plays Clementine in the pages of the site of the monthly male. “He was training, he was beautiful, tanned, the kind Don Juan and looked at me for an hour. In the headset, I was told that this player had a problem with me. As a journalist, I was not there for me do drag, I had to be credible. It made me feel uncomfortable.

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But she quickly realizes she has a lot of common points with the player, and, in particular, a network of friends because they are both originating from the bordeaux region : “It is of Bordeaux, like me. I knew all his friends but not him. He has not spoken to this day but I’ve done that shit when he came in the game. I felt his gaze on my back. A few days after he followed me on Twitter. I followed it back to see what he would say to me. He was not to know that I knew his friends and I was expecting him to put a good stop when he would try to get me to plug it in. And, in fact, it was not Don Juan. He was very quiet, we began to discuss, to see the friends in common that we had. We waited two months before we see them because I was covering then the football World Cup in Brazil. Today, our 2 year old daughter (she is now 3 years old, and is about to have a little brother or a little sister, NdR), Ella, has Rochelle as a second first name.” A true love story that continues to write, and then reinforces that the young woman comes to trigger a whirlwind media at France Télévisions, stating in particular : I went to Stage 2, crying. With the old, as soon as I put on a skirt, I had necessarily the right to a reflection. I’ve always wondered if what I had experienced was serious enough to take the floor. But ‘Me Too’ makes people aware that we have the right to say that we are living a everyday life difficult.”

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