“Hypocrisy or cowardice ? “: Emmanuel Macron a very angry Gerard Larcher

« Hypocrisie ou lâcheté ? » : Emmanuel Macron très en colère contre Gérard Larcher

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For the second round of Municipal, Emmanuel Macron, has consulted with Richard Ferrand and Gérard Larcher. But the latter did not want to be involved in the choice of the date, what the head of the State has hesitated to call “hypocrisy or cowardice”.

Édouard Philippe announced Friday, may 22, as the second round of municipal elections will be held on the 28th of June next, for the 5 000 communes where the first round was not decisive. This choice, the government had to do it alone, and will have to the only assume. Because if Richard Ferrand, president of the national Assembly, and Gerard Larcher, president of the Senate, were consulted to give their opinion, one of the two preferred totally clear of any responsibility, so that it does not fall back directly on top of it.

According to Le Canard enchaîné, Emmanuel Macron would indeed have invited Gerard Larcher and Richard Ferrand at a luncheon, may 14, placing it on the table the choice of the date of the second round. “Not question”, is said to have replied to Gérard Larcher, putting all the weight of this decision on the shoulders of the government. And, to lighten his own load. The head of State has not at all appreciated. And he would have even said a few days later : “I don’t know if it is hypocrisy and cowardice.”

« Hypocrisie ou lâcheté ? » : Emmanuel Macron très en colère contre Gérard Larcher

Édouard Philippe and Gérard Larcher, to the gardens of the Luxembourg, to the day of memory of slavery, of trafficking and of their abolition, 10 may 2020. Jacques Witt/Pool/Bestimage

Still according to Le Canard enchaîné, Emmanuel Macron has also pointed out , “the attitude of those who lament never be a concerted and who complain now of being too much”. But it has changed nothing. In the corridors of the Senate, refuses to “make couillonner like last time, when the right demanded that the first round be held on 15 march, before being “accused of having maintained this day”.

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