Hundreds of movies in Google Play may be free, but with one condition

Сотни фильмов в Google Play могут стать бесплатными, но с одним условием

This innovation could make the service more competitive.

Google may provide free access to content in your app “Play Movies”. Users will only need to see the advertisement. Mention of this in the code of a mobile application service was found by the XDA developers.

In the code a new version for Android 4.18.37 found the string “hundreds of movies are available for a few ad impressions”, “look free and with advertisement”, “enter your date of birth to view”. When and what movies will give Google free access, is still unknown.

In XDA suggest that innovation will make the service much more competitive. Now Google Play and “Play Movies” offer to purchase content or rent. Subscription not provided.

Recall that just recently, the pandemic COVID-19 some online sites have opened free access to his library for promotional codes.

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