How to shop for groceries during a pandemic

Как ходить за продуктами во время пандемии

These tips will save you from unnecessary problems.

American journalist Lisa Rowan (Lisa Rowan) noticed how much the coronavirus changed one of the most commonplace Affairs — the visit to the supermarket. Spending weekends and a lot of nerves to buy food, the woman made some practical recommendations.

1. Carefully consider your actions

If you go to a familiar store, plan a route for departments to spend as little time as possible inside. Thus you will reduce the number of contacts with other visitors. The pandemic is not the situation when you can wander between the shelves.

2. Go to the store one

If you usually shop together with your children or loved one, switch to single mode. The fewer people in the store, the easier it is to keep a safe distance.

Also try to negotiate with relatives or neighbors and go for food one after another.

3. Be prepared to queue

If the store owner decides to restrict the influx of visitors on the street queued. So do not think that you will always be able to buy everything.

If you have scheduled an important videoconference with colleagues, do not risk better. First complete urgent matters, and then quietly go to the store.

4. Pay attention to sanitary measures

In some shops the staff will sanitize trucks between customers. Others provide everything necessary to allow visitors to disinfect their hands. And in the third not even need tools. If you don’t know how things are in your store, please consult your staff and bring an antiseptic.


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5. Do not expect that other people will keep your distance

The ranks of the grocery stores are rarely spacious. To stay away are not so simple. If possible, try not to approach other people. But at the same time, not skandalte when someone invades your personal space. Strife will only aggravate the situation. Just move to the side if possible.

6. Prepare for lack of food

Most likely, the shortage will fill within a few hours. But still be prepared for the fact that you will not find any product from your list.

7. Think in advance about the goods‑substitutes

If you’re shopping for yourself, you’ll probably be able to find an alternative to missing foods. For example, you can choose a product from another taste of the ruler or the equivalent from another brand.

But if it’s a food for family or friends, do not forget to ask them about the backup. Then you won’t have to waste time on calls to the store.

8. Get ready for the new rules package

If you go to the store with reusable bags, be ready that the staff were able to give them up. Shops, which employ the packers for the duration of the quarantine can go to plastic or paper bags to their employees are less in contact with things customers.

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