How to run in 2020: 5 effective ways and one funny

Как бегать в 2020-м: 5 эффективных способов и один смешной

There is a solution to every problem and excuse.

1. To order a treadmill

  • Pros: it will remain with you forever.
  • Cons: expensive and inefficient, if not going then run.

Как бегать в 2020-м: 5 эффективных способов и один смешной

If your body breaks without running, and my feet stamp nervously in place waiting for the end of the pandemic, this will be your salvation. The treadmill can be ordered online and after a few days to arrange a home gym. So you will have the opportunity to put distance and speed, to adjust the level of tilt: running uphill or on a flat surface. Track will be useful not only now but in bad weather, when to go outside is possible, but not desirable. But if you decide to run, to have at least some physical activity, and then will hang it on the simulator thing, it is better to think about other options.

2. To go to the stairwell

  • Pros: free and effectively.
  • Cons: there is a risk of disturbing neighbors.

Как бегать в 2020-м: 5 эффективных способов и один смешной

Empty stairs in blocks of flats, the opportunity to make a cool cardio workout. This exercise develops endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and even increases Training effects of short bouts of stair climbing on cardiorespiratory fitness, blood lipids, and homocysteine in sedentary young women important for runners indicator of VO2 max — volume of oxygen consumed. This means that your lungs will gain the ability to hold more oxygen in a minute of time, and you will become stronger and stronger. However, you need to engage in the mask to reduce its aerosol trail. Run on the higher floors, where all go just for a lift. If the staircase in the house is actively used by tenants, leave this idea and use another method.

The highest motivation to run and keep in shape is to prepare for competition. At such times, achieved the most drastic results. If you need motivation, join the IV all-Russian marathon “Race.of the Russian Federation”, which will be held on August 2.

The race is online format: before June 15, you can run along with hundreds of thousand participants from 85 cities of Russia in any place most convenient to you. Select a date range and run on the track, on the street or just around the apartment, fixing a distance by using a fitness tracker or smartphone. You will receive a medal for participation after you send a screenshot of the traveled distance to the organizers.

To learn more about the half marathon

3. Run around the house

  • Pros: work out in the fresh air.
  • Cons: it will not work if people walk around.

Как бегать в 2020-м: 5 эффективных способов и один смешной

If at the time of isolation you moved to the country or simply live in a private home, you can cut circles around him. It’s very much like a real run down the street, but the landscape is rather monotonous. In the middle of the workout, change the direction of movement: for example, 10 circles clockwise and 10 against. If you live in a sparsely populated area, try to run through the street. But stay away from other people: when sprinting particles of sweat, can fly at a distance up to 20 meters. Choose a time when the risk to meet someone is not really, for example late in the evening.

4. Running around the house

  • Pros: safe and unique experience.
  • Cons: easy to get bored.

Как бегать в 2020-м: 5 эффективных способов и один смешной

Before you say that you have too little space for running, look at the marathon runner from Vladivostok, who ran 100 miles around own bed! You can do the same or use more rooms. For example, to move from the bedroom to the kitchen through the hall, looking to the balcony. The main — floor free from objects, wear socks that do not slip, or clean sneakers. That was not so boring, turn on energetic music. Under Shakira or Taylor swift to train more fun.

5. Pour on the floor, something moving

  • Pros: you will have fun and slippery.
  • Cons: then have to wash the floors.

Instructions video how to make a homemade treadmill, blew up the social networks. It’s simple: pour on the tile a little dishwashing detergent or shower gel. Splash a few drops of water. Start to walk with bare feet — you’re gorgeous. Hold on to the edge of the countertop to keep from falling, and be careful. Before you start training, make sure that the floor has no crumbs or some small detalek. And most importantly: don’t forget to clean up after themselves so that other family members don’t slip.

6. Doing exercise with running elements

  • Pros: will train other muscles.
  • Cons: it’s not really running.

Как бегать в 2020-м: 5 эффективных способов и один смешной

There are a lot of aerobic exercise, where the principles of running. They can dilute Jogging around the apartment to liven things up. Here are a few options.

Running on the spot. Move your feet and hands to the beat run, staying in one spot.

Running lying. This exercise is called mountain climbers, “the climber”. You get in high plank on hands and quickly pull your knees to your chest.

Running in place with lifting the knee. Turns skidivaite knees up.

Running in place with zahlest Shin. In turn pull the lower leg back and touch the heel of the buttocks.

This workout will give the effect of cardio and will help you to improve the performance of conventional running.

If you decide to run a half marathon August 2, you have the chance to become part of history: it can enter into the book “Guinness. World records” as the race, bringing together the largest number of cities. Price of participation — from 750 rubles.

But if you want to run and be in shape, but to overcome 21,1 kilometers you are not ready yet — participate in the race of 5 or 10 kilometers. For children there is even a separate race for 1 kilometer. All participants who will overcome the stated distance, get a medal. Any distance can be run offline or online, the cost of participation depends on the length of the race. Sign up for a race to give yourself new motivation to train and become part of the running community.

Choose your race

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