How to ask for discounts? Tell in the fourth issue of “Spent”

Как просить скидки? Рассказываем в четвёртом выпуске «Потрачено»

The main rule is to treat bargaining like a game.

Bargaining is a kind of sport. So says the guest of the Pasha Fedorov from the fourth episode of “Spent” and the author of the course of negotiations Ilya Sinelnikov. The topic of discussion is especially relevant during the crisis (economic and epidemiological), when most of us have difficulties with money. In the podcast Pasha and Ilya will discuss how the seller and not to offend, and their own benefit to take care of.

1:12 — Pasha and Ilya think about the large discounts that they were able to obtain in life, and also discuss how to form the price of goods, initially putting the plug for bargaining.

8:08 — Ilya explains what the “feeling of need” and how it causes us to accept bad deals.

15:22 — Ilya argues that any reason for the discount — even the most stupid is better than its absence.

19:12 — Pasha shares his lifehack on how to save money when you buy the phone. Ilya recommends that you ask the seller open ended questions.

23:42 — bad advice: what not to do when trying to get a discount? Ilya recommends that you always leave the seller a right to “no” and also to remember that for many people, bargaining is a stressful situation.

30:43 — the incredible story of printer cartridge for 250 rubles and remorse that tormented Pasha.

32:40 — Pasha and Ilya are trying to find a area in which it is not necessary to ask for a discount. Come to the conclusion that it simply does not exist.

36:04 — Ilya advises to treat bargaining like a game or experiment. Are trading, according to the guest issue, even Elon Musk and bill gates.

39:22 — Pasha recently bought a few SD flash drives, MIC and game consoles and now advises not to skimp on memory cards. And Ilya says about the microphone С01U Pro from Samson, which he specially purchased for the recording of this podcast.

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