How intermittent fasting can change your body and memory

Как краткосрочное голодание способно изменить ваше тело и память

To refuse food is not easy, but the results you will enjoy.

The essence of this diet

Diet 5 : 2 became popular because of the books by British physician and journalist Michael Mosley (Michael Mosley). Diet suggests that five days a week you eat normally and two are almost starving. In those days, you have to go without eating for 14-18 hours. At this time you can drink water. In total for the day you can eat only 500-600 kcal.

According to scientists, this will supply plenty of advantages. They include not only weight loss but also decrease blood sugar, improve memory, strengthen the immune system.

Use for figure and health

Researchers from the University of Manchester compared The effect of intermittent energy and carbohydrate restriction V. daily energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic disease risk markers in overweight women. the results of weight loss participants who kept diet 5 : 2 and traditional diets with daily calorie restriction. It turned out the first group dropped more. They also improve insulin resistance.

The benefits of fasting can be explained from the point of view of evolution. Our ancestors most of the time it is fed that way. Modern diet that includes three meals and snacks, from the point of view of evolution is unnatural.

Good for the brain

Other scientists are more interested in what happens when short-term fasting our brain. Mark Mattsson (Mark Mattson), senior researcher of the National Institute on aging, studied the effects of fasting interval on memory and learning ability in mice. During fasting, the body fat is converted into substances called ketones. According to Mattson, they make the neurons more resistant to damage.

Tips for those who want to try intermittent fasting

Remember: this is not for everyone. People with digestive disorders should not starve. And even if you are completely healthy, first consult your doctor.

Received the approval of physicians — excellent. To comply with the restrictions will help a few tips:

  1. Agree to starve together with someone from friends or family — so stick to the diet easier.
  2. Carefully choose what you eat on the fast day. The researchers suggest foods rich in protein and fiber. Avoid processed carbohydrates and sugars. They will increase blood sugar and cause hunger.
  3. On the fast day do not go to the kitchen and stay away from the coffee shop to avoid temptation.
  4. Try to follow this diet at least a month. Over time, to endure the feeling of hunger will become easier. Then you really will notice results and understand whether you benefit.
  5. Don’t be surprised if there will be side effects. For example, problems with sleep or digestion. If they don’t pass, give up fasting.

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