Hot Quebonafide and Natalia Szroeder kiss passionately on stage during the concert at Opener (PHOTO)

Hot Quebonafide and Natalia Szroeder kiss passionately on stage during the concert at Opener (PHOTO)

Despite all predispositions to be the top star on the Polish pop scene, Natalia Szroeder so far it has not been possible to break into the “premier league”. Her boyfriend is much more popular, quebonafidewho has been one of the most famous rappers in Poland for several years now.

Some time ago Kuba Grabowski (because this is his real name) he even decided to take matters into his own hands and promote his beloved a bit, involving her in one of his songs. When asked later about cooperation with a partner, the singer decided immodestly that she “sings better and hears better”, while the rapper “huge vocabulary”.

As far as the couple tend to protect their privacy from time to time Natalia and Quebo allow themselves to make small exceptions and publish joint photos on the web. In May, they even attempted a report from Sunday evening, when like an “old couple” they lounged in sweatpants with their beloved dog on the couch and hummed a melancholic song by Lana Del Rey.

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Last weekend, Szroeder and Grabowski performed together at a concert as part of a concert at the Open’er Festival. The singer joined her lover on stage, where they performed a song together, staring deeply into each other’s eyes. On Tuesday, Natalia’s profile featured photos of lovebirds in love giving each other a kiss on the stage, under which the couple collected a sea of ​​compliments.

It was a long and extremely intense weekend. Thank you! Szroeder wrote.

There was no end to the enthusiasm of the fans.

How divine! You’re great.

The most beautiful couple in the whole world!

I wanted something sweet, but when I saw the first picture, I already have too much sweetness.

Even Quebonafide himself made the comment, leaving meaningful hearts under the post.

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