Horner not convinced that all the Formula 1 team will survive the current crisis

The head of Formula 1, Christian Horner is not sure that all the Formula 1 team will be able to overcome the consequences of the crisis associated with the pandemic coronavirus and problems of the world economy.

“Formula 1 is a strong business with great heritage. Championship will survive this crisis. Another question — will it survive all the commands. Responsible leaders of all the stables. Now we need to act in accordance with the interests of all participants and make sure that the ten teams will be able to get out of a difficult situation.

A comparison with the 2008 crisis? There is a big difference. Then we continued the championship, we had a calendar and we did the Grand Prix. Then the problem can be seen. Now acting blindly. Now the whole world is in a different position”, — quotes Horner Motorsport Week.

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