Hilda Vitria Until Amanda Manopo Ever Invited Marriage, Billy Syahputra refused because of this

Hilda Vitria Until Amanda Manopo Ever Invited Marriage, Billy Syahputra refused because of this


Billy Syahputra back single after a breakup from Amanda Manopo. Even though he was invited to marry by the actress who is now famous thanks to the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Regarding marriage, Billy Syahputra revealed the reasons for refusing the invitation to marry several girls. He did not deny that he was often invited to marry not only with Amanda Manopo.

“It was my time with Hilda, Hilda was ready to get married. At the same time, I was ready to get married, and the last one was also ready to get married, I’m still nervous,” said Billy on Denny Cagur TV’s YouTube Channel.

Billy Syahputra admitted that he had not yet thought about getting married. When asked the reason why he didn’t want to get married even though he was already 30 years old, Denny Cagur, he could not reveal it to the public.

“I have my own reasons and principles that people don’t need to know. There are reasons, for example, A is ready to get married, but I have reasons why not. I have my own reasons, I just need to know,” said Billy.

Billy Syahputra said he was still enjoying his current life. He believes that marriage has been determined by God.

“That’s down to each person’s thoughts. I just flow. Even though people say wow you’re old instead of getting married, but I’m the one who lives my life, what I do well, I don’t, I don’t. As long as I’m fine living alone, Yes, just do it, if there is a mate from God, my soul mate will come alone,” said Billy.

Billy Syahputra then asked about the girl who is currently close after breaking up with Amanda Manopo. He admits that he is now reluctant to share his love problems.

“For my current boyfriend, maybe this has become my experience. We can love people, but don’t overdo it, and for now, it’s more precisely smooth to have a relationship with someone, don’t be too smug maybe this time, because that’s what I’m afraid of again when I share my personal matters with someone, it becomes the pros and cons and until finally people interfere in my life,” he concluded.



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