Heresies, slow, contradictions, and snail giant

Hérésies, lenteur, contradictions et escargot géant

Photo: Geraldine Perrier-Doron
There will be, in a space transformed by the color turquoise, a great distribution network to be a force to be colourful.

Contacted across the ocean, the choreographer Antonija Livingstone and the set designer and visual artist Nadia Lauro had only a dozen minutes to speak to the Duty of their work to come to Danse-Cité, the studies (heresies 1-7). Twelve quick minutes to discuss their desire to create a place of slowing down, of listening, of sharing, subtlety, and slow.

The two designers met during an edition of the defunct Festival international de nouvelle danse (FIND), and a stroke of lightning aesthetic ensued, ” says the dancer and choreographer Antonija Livingstone. “Nadia is one of the choreographers favorite of my life, take it, Mrs. Livingstone, and it is very rare that I have this kind of esthetic affinity. So when I was invited to ride my dream creation, if I didn’t know what to do, I knew how to do it, and I knew it would be with Nadia. “

“It is interesting that Tonija say that I am a choreographer, says Ms. Lauro, who perform well also in the room. I do not perceive myself not at all like that, I’m definitely a designer, artist, and yes I create spaces that are immersive with a dimension of drama, of the areas that I am considering, in fact, as dance partners, and that open up to the potential of improvisation. “

The two “comrades, a spirit, a feminist dandy,’ says Livingstone, intend to mount a library of chimeric ” from the ideas of Plato in his Banquet, working on the practices in road to perdition and the presence rare. Quid est ? It is necessary to turn to the video to get an idea of the embodiment of these concepts here purred to understand that it will take basket weaving, among others, as the music made by the small bells that were already in Culture, Administration Trembling, presented at the Festival TransAmériques in 2014. With the approach queer as Livingstone advocates for years, both as a choreographer in the projects it endorses as a performer, with Benoît Lachambre, or Meg Stuart, among others. Why this approach queer ? “For me, it is a method not a subject, end-point. It is a point of view of the body experience, that not everyone can understand, necessarily, a vision. “It is predicted that the axes are similar to those of Culture Administration Trembling, crossing the improvisational and the planned, the animal and the human, the masculine and the feminine (in the broad sense), and also crosses disciplinary. It is political ? “Ben always !” respond the penseuses a single voice.

Invite them to listen to

There will be, in a space transformed by the color turquoise, a great distribution network to be a force to be colourful. Is also part of the Winnipeg Monbijou, the snail giant will bring not only his pace but also his foaming at the mouth, like liquid texture. There will be a choir, a human-lights, recruited during a course parallel, performers not paid on performance nights by special dispensation of the Union of artists.

Heresy, is not it a title and a theme strong ? And in 2019 ? “Etymologically, a heresy does not arise necessarily against the Church and or the dominant world, supports Livinsgtone, but speaks of that which is his own choice. Here, it is us ! The two queens, here, Nadia, and me, who support and cultivate a different kind of encounter, a kind of principle, something other than what is generally proposed, which wants to supplant the business to be a spectator and invites us to listen to. It is necessarily contrary to the values of contemporary. “The concept of study is also important for the choreographer. “Always make essays, sketches, proposals, I believe in it as a kind of choreography, and as such, this “state of becoming”, this “non-productive condition”“.

What the audience should expect ? What will be required of him ? Lauro : “It does nothing, otherwise it leaves the invite. “Livingstone :” Yes. It is a refuge. It is a sanctuary. “

studies (heresies 1-7)

Conceived and produced by Antonija Livongstone and Nadia Lauro. In collaboration with Stephen Thompson and Kennis Hawkins. Artists invited.e.s : Year Thorne, Tobaron Waxman, Winnipeg Monbijou, Nicoletta Brandi, Mich Cota, Malik Nashad Sharpe and guest.e.s. At Montreal, arts interculturels, from 8 to 12 march.