“Here we are with grandpa on the roof” : Jean-Paul Belmondo as told by her grandson

« Nous voilà avec papy sur le toit » : Jean-Paul Belmondo raconté par son petit-fils

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Alessandro, the grandson of Jean-Pierre Belmondo, keep very nice memories of his times spent with his “hero” grandpa. He remembers in particular an impressive waterfall by car. It takes your breath away !

A grandpa daredevil. In the columns of Paris Match, on newsstands this Wednesday, may 20, Alessandro, grandson of Jean-Pierre Belmondo 28-year-old is back on the good times spent with his grandfather. If he indicated that he had experienced “fairly normally” with his “hero” grandpa, some of the scenes will remain forever etched in his memory. ” Adept of thrills “, Jean-Paul Belmondo, whose cooking skills would be limited – often gave of his person to replicate his stunts under the admiring glances of his little son whom he is very close.

The son of Paul and Luana Belmondo, recalls : ” One evening, while we are on the point of go back home, my grand-father decided to show us his ultimate waterfall. While my father takes the wheel, he climbs on the roof of the car, lying on the stomach, then request my father to start. The journey, as short as it is, but there are several turns and coast-to-coast ride, not to mention that the road is not in good condition. But what does it matter ! When my grand-father has an idea in mind, it’s impossible to dissuade. And off we went with grandpa on the roof… I still remember his hands grasping the edges of the car “. Jean-Paul Belmondo was so inspired by his stunt on the roof of a subway in walking in Fear on the city released in 1975.

“You’ll meet Johnny Hallyday “

And this is not the only time where his grandfather was smiling his grandson. ” Boute-en-train, he never misses an opportunity to make us laugh : stupid things and funny faces galore, it even goes so far as to throw them into the water fully clothed “, reports Alessandro who remembers many trips to the jardin d’acclimatation in Paris or at the cinema. During the holidays, they took to the roads of the South or of Antigua, an island located in the Caribbean near St. Barthelemy and Guadeloupe. ” It’s become a must-go when you want to recharge your batteries. You’ll meet Johnny Hallyday or Timothy Dalton who sometimes come home to dinner “, explains the elder brother of Victor and Giacomo, become a brilliant chef. The talent in legacy !

« Nous voilà avec papy sur le toit » : Jean-Paul Belmondo raconté par son petit-fils

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