Heidfeld believes that Mick Schumacher can replace Giovinazzi already in the season 2020

The former pilot of Formula 1 Nick Heidfeld has expressed the opinion that Mick Schumacher can replace Antonio Giovinazzi in the “Alfa Romeo”, and in the course of the season 2020.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Mika behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car this season. Obviously not a Ferrari, but perhaps in the “Alfa Romeo”, where the pilots still have no contract for 2021. If Schumacher performed admirably in Formula 2, and Giovinazzi will experience problems, don’t be surprised if Mick will replace Antonio in the middle of the season” — quoted Heidfeld Motorsport-Total.

Recall Mick Schumacher needs to spend the season 2020 in Formula 2 in the team Prema, together with the Russian Robert Schwartzman. The contract Kimi Raikkonen with “Alfa Romeo” expires at the end of 2020. Giovinazzi also, there is no current agreement for the next season.

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