“He seemed to want to hide something” – Libero Quotidiano

“He seemed to want to hide something” – Libero Quotidiano

One of the last gestures of Raffaella CarràBefore being carried away at the age of 78 by a disease she had decided to keep hidden, she was extremely noble. On the other hand, the queen of Italian television has always been close to those who needed it most in a concrete way: a few weeks ago the last choice of heart, that of donate a building of 160 square meters located in Porto Santo Stefano alla Misericordia.

Until now nothing had been known about it: it revealed it Roberto Cerulli, governor of Mercy, after deciding that it was time to speak, given that Carrà had not wanted to publicize it as long as she was alive. “We met her in Rome at the notary’s – he said – and even there her presence was characterized by hospitality, availability and sweetness. He had many talks with us and as we mentioned some kind of thanks, he always misled the subject ”.

“In that meeting, however, I had one strange presentiment – Cerulli recalled – despite his usual dynamism, he remained with dark glasses and a well placed mask: he seemed to want to hide something. And perhaps, in the light of this tragedy, I think he wanted to keep his ugly secret to himself and not show it to anyone ”. However, Carrà did not escape the souvenir photo: “To my question: ‘Madam, can I make a small statement to make this donation public?’. ‘No Roberto, this is not the time’. And with his evasive attitude he made me understand that we would have to wait a while to say it. Today we believe that that moment has arrived ”.


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