“He can be naughty” : Emmanuel Macron’t tender with her ex-darling

« Il peut être méchant » : Emmanuel Macron pas tendre avec son ex-chouchou

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Gérard Collomb has been one of the first to believe in Emmanuel Macron. He was accompanied to the victory, was its first minister of the Interior, but since his resignation, he has regained his freedom. This freedom disturbs the president of the Republic, who has the tooth lasts vis-à-vis his former pet.

It is far the time where Brigitte Macron gave the name “Gege” Gérard Collomb. The former darling of Emmanuel Macron,even if the two wives did not agree, has always been very close to the couple. A closeness born at the time of the presidential election campaign, and that was reinforced once the candidate LREM installed at the Elysee. But Gérard Collomb, has today taken its distances. And this is a problem in this moment the head of State and the powerbrokers of the party that are trying to manage between the two towers of the municipal.

According to an indiscretion of the Point, Gérard Collomb, has no intention of letting them dictate to Paris what to do in the sight of the second round of the municipal. The current mayor of Lyon is yet arrived third in the first round and has no chance of retaining his seat at the town hall. But he does not want to withdraw, and even refused to listen to all the members of LREM who asked him to call to vote for a dissident candidate David Kimelfeld in order not to see the environmental movement, arrived in the lead, win the election.

The behavior of Gérard Collomb, so fear the worst for the rest of the ballot. But this attitude, if it disappoints, does not surprise Emmanuel Macron , who is well aware of Gérard Collomb. It would have even confided to a former member of lyon : “Gerard can be very nasty “.


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