Harvey finishes 12th in the 50 km of Seefeld

Harvey termine 12e au 50 km de Seefeld

Photo: Joe Klamar Agence France-Presse
The athlete from Saint-Ferreol-les-Neiges was in the race for the bronze medal until the last kilometres.

Quebec’s Alex Harvey finished 12th in the men’s race of 50 kilometers grouped at the world Championships of cross-country skiing held in Seefeld, Austria, Sunday.

Harvey, who was the reigning world champion of this discipline, has been part of a platoon of about twenty skiers wishing to join Norway’s Hans Christer Holund, who eventually won the event with a time of 1:49:59,3.

Crossing the finish with a comfortable lead over the Russian Alexander Bolshunov (1:50:27,1), Holund, has signed a first career win in the discipline. He had reached this same event in 10th place at the world Championships of cross-country skiing in Lahti, Finland in 2017.

The Norwegians Sjur Roethe and Martin Johnsrud Sundby broke from the pack in the final straight line to try to put the hand on the bronze medal. In a push ultimate, Roethe has topped his compatriot by one tenth of a second, making stop the clock at 1:50:57,1.

Holund has been in the game from one end to the other of the race, but it is at about the 21st mile that it has decided to increase the rate of fire. The Norwegian has built a lead of nearly 25 seconds at the halfway mark.

Holund has maintained a lead of over a minute over his pursuers for about 10 km until Bolshunov decides also to open the machine. The Russian has left the peloton to begin the pursuit of Holund, but it has not been able to threaten.

The victory of Holund has allowed Norway to achieve the grand slam Championships in the world with a harvest of six victories in six races.

Harvey, who will retire at the end of the season, has managed to finish in a time of 1:51:09,8. Thanks to his victory gained in Lahti, finland, he became the first athlete from a non-european continent to win the title.

“Sometimes you’re more disappointed when you have a big day physically, but that you beat yourself by making mistakes. Today, it is the opposite “, analyzed in Harvey.

The athlete from Saint-Ferreol-les-Neiges was in the race for the bronze medal until the final kilometres, breaking even in fifth place with only six kilometres to go. A small drop of regime, before starting a big climb, combined with the speed of Roethe and Sundby, has decreased the hopes of a podium finish in the Quebec to 30 years.

“At the tactical level, I’ve done everything that I wanted to do. I saved my energy as possible throughout the race. I was well positioned for the duration, but I didn’t have enough good legs to go on this last walk of the podium, ” said Harvey, who is also ranked 17th in the sprint and 12th with his team in the relay.

However, this is the 6th place of Harvey in the skiathlon that makes the most proud. It was his best result of the season over this distance.

“It was missing just a little thing, a little bit of magic, the extra in the legs to really go look for one of the three medals,” he said.

Harvey will draw a line final of his career, in three weeks, in Quebec city, where will be held the last world Cup of the season.