Half-truths underground

Demi-vérités souterraines

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The Duty
Oli Sorenson, Céline B. La Terreur and Jeanne Tzaut acknowledge without shame their penchant for half-truths. Although…

The decor is somewhat extravagant of the world trade Centre of Montreal, one of the places which are not underground invested since 2009 by Art exhibitions underground, the question of veracity was bouncing in all its forms. Around the table : three of the artists of this event, which begins, once more, during the Nuit blanche.

It gossiped of pretence, sham, fake news. We scrutinize the world in all its faussescoutures. Up to the live in real time, when a passer-by has meddled with the old song : “do you Speak French ? “”No,” replied du tac au tac one of the interlocutors, without the fear of letting go of a lie as big as that.

For its 11th edition, Art souterrain is a theme of great actuality, ” true and false “, and own the creation. “Art, is it not, in essence, an illusion of the real, a way to represent it, to deny it and question it ?” asks the text of the expo embedded in the public space.

Oli Sorenson, Céline B. La Terreur and Jeanne Tzaut acknowledge without shame their penchant for half-truths. Although…

Sorenson working on “authenticity” in the painting, The Terror, sculpture, hyperrealist, and the Bordeaux Tzaut, re-enactments of Montreal’s underground city. There is a question of traps visual, but also harsh realities.

For Céline B. La Terreur, which continues to embody the past twenty years of the characters are illusory, including that of a leader of a “fake band” music, one does not speak enough of the true status of women.


Demi-vérités souterraines

Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay
“Arrowtooth”, 2017. acrylic and plastic on wood, Céline B. La Terreur

“The violence, she says, it is a problem of society disguised as one tries to make up with a thick layer of icing. “

Art underground gives him the opportunity to realize an old project around the decoy that is for her marriage. It takes the form of a huge cake, well crémé… and blood-tinged.

“For me, the true from The false has a double meaning,” she continues. It is a work plastic illusion, which addresses a social problem. “

Reflection of an era

Of all time, the art and the false were true friends. The religious painting and the fables of the bible. The trompe-l’oeil and its mimicry of the real. The photograph and its pseudo-truth. The art of forgery, the copy… Truths and lies have often interacted within a framework and has taken the form occasionally of Campbell soup.

The 11th Art underground will not renew without a doubt not the kind. It is, however, an echo of an era where misinformation is practically a part of daily life.

Demi-vérités souterraines

Photo: Oli Sorenson
“Fontana Mashup” (Rembrandt). Oil on canvas commissioned from China, performance, Oli Sorenson

Oli Sorenson believes that it is this “demand for the fake” that characterizes us. He sees it everywhere, including in virtual reality is not so virtual. “The carbon footprint of the Internet is greater than that of the aviation industry “, a push there.

As a man of his time, he is in the ownership and proceeds according to the hybrid practice of the mashup, borrowed from the music. “The mashup is an original combination of non-original materials, summarizes-t-it. I take the creative gesture of an artist and applies it to the background of another artist. “

At Art underground, Sorenson will be exhibiting a series inspired by the famous incisions that Lucio Fontana drew on paintings, a gesture that he reproduced on fake paintings classic.

Arrival at Montreal for several weeks, Jeanne Tzaut has identified “nonsense” where will Art underground. It will exhibit copies not quite accurate — the “repetition” imperfect “, and that it made three more days of D-day, in a workshop of the east of Montreal.


Demi-vérités souterraines

Photo: Jeanne Tzaut
“Simulacra”, 2019, Jeanne Tzaut

Of happiness : the place is full of theatre sets, archetypes of authentic fake universe. “The simulacrum,” she said, allowing you to play on the gaze, on the ambivalence. These are issues that are specific to our world, ” she says, surprise, however, the diversity that will cover Art underground.

Beautiful and nice

More true or more false, the art ? As a repetition imperfect reality, is it necessary to believe or beware more ? Neither the one nor the other, writes Joan Tzaut, which sees in art the opportunity to ask questions.

For Oli Sorenson, a work will be always a representation, a play fake to ” fit in “. “For a photo, one applying make-up. It takes poses little natural, like all the time [in front of the camera of the Duty] “.

However, there is a lot of truth in the art, replica Céline B. La Terreur, even when it falls into the ” beautiful and nice “. Its effects are real. “The world is hard. Art little to appease them. It can also make it move, ” she said, thinking this time to the claims of the Guerilla Girls.

Domestic violence is a societal problem, and camouflaged, they are trying to make up with a thick layer of icing […] For me, the true from The false has a double meaning. It is a work plastic illusion, which addresses a social problem.

— Celine B. La Terreur

For Céline B. La Terreur, there is a before the Guerilla Girls and their posters launched in the 1980s on the under-representation of women in museums, and one after. The battle is not won, does, however, Jeanne Tzaut, which refers to a recent case in France.

Between these real claims, and these misleading samples, there is nevertheless room for a kind of progress. Yes, we are swimming both in disinformation and in truths that are raw as pornography, reports Céline B. La Terreur, but not only.

“What reassures me is that there is still a lot of rebels. And as long as there are rebels, there is hope “, she believes.

Red squares, yellow vests, the movements follow one another, the social crises resume. The art in it ? He creeps in wherever he can, and offers, as suggested by Oli Sorenson, ” trick of the mind “, regardless of its degree of veracity.

“In the false, there is not necessarily a true hidden. It may also be a fake of a fake “, ” sliding-t-it, the more seriously the world.

The true from the false

Art souterrain, in various places, from the 2nd to the 24th of march.