Hakkinen has told how naked Herbert called him into the tub

Two-time Formula 1 world champion in the “McLaren” Mika Hakkinen told about a funny episode that happened to him and johnny Herbert in 1992 in France.

“Here’s an interesting case. It happened in 1992 at the Grand Prix of France. The team then byl financial problems, and due to the lack of money with johnny Herbert had to share one hotel room. The cake also came at this race. The hotel was quite disgusting, the beds weren’t even bed linen. It was in Magny-Cours. Funny, but the cake did not survive and went home. And, as I said, we don Herbert shared the room. Johnny — very funny guy. He’s always cracking jokes. And after the training session, we returned to the hotel, and Herbert went into the bath.

Have no idea what he was doing there, but at some point he called me. I said, “Well, what else?”, and then decided to check. Going to the bathroom, I saw that he was lying there completely naked. “Come on, Mika, let’s take a bath with me,” cried johnny. It was fucking hell. Here is he had a sense of humor. So he coped. He had a very unpleasant accident in Formula 3000. And after johnny recovered, he learned not to worry over trifles. It everything was treated with humor, was different. At the time I was a serious young man and, of course, did not understand the joke about the bath. Only now I think it’s very funny,” said Hakkinen in an interview with UnibetFinland.


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