Hajiyev explained why Shlemenko is not worth it to fight Fedor rules MMA

Promoter Kamil Gadzhiev told why, in his opinion, the Russian fighter of the mixed style Alexander Shlemenko don’t have to fight with another fighter of MMA Alexander Emelianenko on the rules of mixed martial arts. Recall Emelianenko caused Shlemenko to fight by Boxing rules, he said that he is ready to fight MMA, Fedor accepted the conditions of the opponent.

“This fight can happen at the end of the year. As a viewer, I would like to look at it.

This is stylistically the best fight for Fedor. I would caution Shlemenko to go in the cage and fight by rules of the mixed martial arts League. With all due respect to Alex Shlemenko, he just size is not enough to fight with him as he used to fight. A sufficient margin of safety against Shlemenko have no to beat Emelianenko” — quoted Hajiyev “R-Sport”.


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