Gustavo Quinteros surprises and gets involved in Mosa’s decision

    Gustavo Quinteros surprises and gets involved in Mosa’s decision

    Before noon, and after the announcement of the broker Larraín Vial SA, Aníbal Mosa suspended the auction of its shares, which was scheduled for Tuesday, April 13. The businessman had announced his goodbye from Colo Colo, but now the decision was left up in the air. One of the actors who reacted to this situation was Gustavo Quinteros. The coach spoke at a press conference.

    “I just found out that the (Hannibal) Meuse happened. I would be happy for him to continue, because he brought me to the club and always supported my management. Hopefully I can continue, and that together we can raise Colo Colo. A great job has been done, “he said.

    “The situation was very difficult when we arrived and today we have a very positive dressing room. So hopefully we can move forward on the project, “Quinteros added.

    The Colo Colo coach also reflected on the controversy that Rafael Dudamel starred in, and how this could affect Chilean football: “We comply with all the protocols to the letter. We do not use the facilities, because the players train and leave. We have taken great care of ourselves and we have not had any contagion. We do the PCR every two or three days, and hopefully all Chilean football clubs are like that, so as not to suffer consequences. “

    Other phrases by Gustavo Quinteros:

    Return of César Fuentes: “He surprised me, because he came back very fast. First he ran outside, but the day he put on the mask he did everything. He has protection and was authorized by the doctors. He is very well. It makes me happy, because he suffered an injury when he was playing well. . He could have been more serious and now he trains normally. I hope he can do it in the game. “

    Leonardo Valencia situation: “We take him into account. He was very important in the previous tournament. He is working well, it is just a technical decision (his absence). He competes in a position with players at a high level. He will continue working to earn a place, such as last season. That’s what we’re looking for. There’s no other problem. “

    Are reinforcements missing ?: “I still think the same. We have to replace those who left. We are missing two players and we have no doubt that we will incorporate at least one of the positions. Hopefully both, but if we are missing one, we will have to wait until halfway through. year. That way we would have almost two players per position. “

    Absence of Felipe Fritz: “I see him as an inside midfielder on the left or winger. In that position we have two or three players. He is going to have to work a lot and he is going to have to demonstrate during all training sessions, friendlies and games if he is capable of surpassing his colleagues. I have no doubt that he will fight, because he is very professional and positive “

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