Guess who forgot to check the height of the bridge

Guess who forgot to check the height of the bridge

A slightly dizzy driver blocked all traffic at the Bois de Boulogne by making a very small mistake (with serious consequences).

Accidents like this will probably never stop. They always relate to vehicles whose height greatly exceeds that of a normal car. From large 4x4s to trucks and vans, these machines are sometimes incompatible with road infrastructure.

The risk is all the greater when driving a large truck, especially a concrete mixer whose load exceeds that of a conventional trailer. But the driver of this truck stuck under a bridge in the 92 near the Bois de Boulogne simply forgot to take precautions. And he finds himself completely stuck under the structure of the bridge.

No too big damage

Fortunately here, the damage still seems relatively limited. We bet that a careful reverse should be enough to extract the truck. Hopefully, he might not even need to fix it.

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