Grosjean: on the abolition of the Grand Prix of Australia has learned in three hours of the night, I wrote Vettel

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Australia until recently postponed the decision to cancel the stage because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus. The pilot of “Haas” Romain Grosjean said that he learned about it from officials or his team, and from the racer Ferrari Sebastian Vettel.

“The rumors about the cancellation began to circulate on Thursday evening. I couldn’t sleep and at three in the morning I was texting Sebastian to WhatsApp. I asked him: “where are You, why are you awake?” And he’s like “I’m going to the airport, the race was canceled, nothing will happen”. I said I have not heard anything from officials, so while in Australia. He said: “My team told me that I’m free, so I’m leaving”. So about three or four hours of night time Melbourne, I already knew that things are bad.

Now we all need to be patient and wait how the situation will develop. I think the overall picture in the world more important than race, although at this time of year is very unusual to be at home”, — quotes the words of Grogan RaceFans.


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