Grischuk: the world as we know it collapses

Russian chess player Alexander Grischuk, a member of the tournament of candidates in Yekaterinburg, commented on the decision to suspend the competition because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

“The solution, of course, belated, but correct. When in the world is going on, no other option remains.

The atmosphere at the tournament was really heavy. All were in masks, and all around were the guards. The doctors really came twice a day and take swabs to test for coronavirus.

Cost to maintain then Teymur Radjabov in his initiative, but from the moment he proposed it, the situation has changed dramatically. Was not sure then that things would evolve in this way. If I knew everything in advance… the World as we know it collapses, and it is always difficult to be prepared for this,” said Grischuk in conversation with the correspondent of “Championship” Pavel Levkovich.


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