Green light for the Provincial

    Green light for the Provincial

    Three days of action are going to be experienced, from today until next Sunday, at the Boxing Club. The one that is going to be played is the 2021 edition of the Newcom Provincial Tournament. Ten teams signed up to participate in this championship. Among those registered is the host, of course. There are also more representatives of this city. As if that weren’t enough, there were others from the interior who will be arriving in the provincial capital during the course of this day. The travelers will do it with all the necessary care of the moment. The championship will reach those over 50 years of age.

    The tournament

    The ten participating teams will be divided into two zones of five members each. Distributed in this way they will play the first part of the contest. In this there will then be games of all against all, to a round. At the end of this instance, the four best teams in each group will get into the quarterfinal crossings. From there, the winners will continue in the contest and the losers will define their final position in the table by points coefficient. The same will happen with those casts that fail to pass the first qualifying cut.

    The Beach as antecedent

    A few months ago, the “Juanito” Soto Cup was played, also at the Boxing Club. It was in the beach version of the newcom. Local teams and another from the interior of the province also participated in this contest. It was played in two different categories and for several days. It was almost the pilot test for the indoor version that will take place this weekend.

    The past was a great event. Organizationally, both in relation to the inside of the field and outside, and in the competitive same. Despite the long inactivity of 2020, the players were seen in good shape. And to teams with a high level. Hence, more than one game has been even and exciting until its very definition.

    What is it about

    The newcom is a discipline created for older adults. It is an adaptation that was made regarding volleyball. The modifications made were precisely so that older people can play. Thus using sport as a tool to carry out a physical activity, for socialization and fun.

    In the newcom, the ball is not hit like in volleyball. Rather, in this new discipline, the element is caught with both hands and passed in the same way over the net that divides the area of ​​the two participating teams. This sport was created in the United States. To be more precise, it was in New Orleans, in 1985.

    Some time after its creation, it arrived in our country. And little by little he was entering more cities and recruiting more players, these men and women, and teams. The championships also multiplied throughout the national territory. Local federative tournaments arose, also regional ones and even some other championship with Argentine characteristics. As of 2008, the discipline became part of the Evita Games for Older Adults program. In this competition, matches are played to the best of three sets. The teams are made up of nine people. Six of these on the court. The height of the net is 2.43 meters. The object of the game is not to drop the ball to the ground. All actions must be done with feet supported.

    More about the tournament

    The contest is organized by the Boxing Club. Also the people of the albiverde will be in charge of supervising everything that happens during these next three days. To carry out this task they will have the help and collaboration of the referees of the Santacruceña Federation. Fe.VA will not be oblivious to what happens in this championship either. The entity that brings together volleyball and newcom in our country will closely monitor everything that happens between today and tomorrow at the Provincias Unidas street club. The one that is also part of it is the Ministry of Social Development of Santa Cruz. During all the days, the organizers will emphasize health care. And in controlling them, of course. Such as the use of a chinstrap before and after each game. Also the case of personal hygiene and game elements and, of course, of social distance off the pitch. The teams from outside will arrive in the city after a negative Covid-19 test and in bubble mode.

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