Grealish suffers a step backward in his recovery

    Grealish suffers a step backward in his recovery

    Jack Grealish, captain and great figure of Aston Villa, has suffered a setback in the process of recovering from his injury and his return to the pitch may take a few more weeks, as revealed today by Dean Smith, coach of the ‘villains’, before tomorrow’s Premier League game against Liverpool at Anfield.

    Grealish, whose extraordinary career led him to debut for England last September, has been out since he played his last game on 13 February due to a shin injury sustained in training.

    “Obviously, Jack and I were quite optimistic to get him back a little earlier than we probably should, but now he’s had a setback,” Smith said at a press conference.

    “He will probably delay his return for at least a couple of weeks. We’ll see how he is doing, but he’s unlikely to come back for a few weeks, that’s for sure, ”added the Aston Villa manager.

    Southgate, also pending

    Grealish’s injury is not only a concern for his side as they fight to qualify for the Europa League, but it will be a blow to England coach Gareth Southgate heading into the Euro Cup.

    Smith specified that the problem is that Grealish’s shin “could not tolerate the load. The only positive is that we know that it is not a long-term injury and that it will return. But we, and Jack himself, probably pushed him a little too soon. He wanted to return and we wanted him to return. He will be playing before the end of the season. “

    Two wins in 7 days without him

    Aston Villa has played seven games without Grealish and has only been able to reap two wins, the second of them last Sunday in the last game against Fulham (3-1). The ‘villains’ are ninth, with a less disputed match, 7 points behind Chelsea, fifth classified and that marks the Europa League place. There are 8 days to play.

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