Grand Prix of China may take 18 Oct

The Chinese organizers of the championship of Formula-4 introduced a new calendar for the season 2020. The first race of the series on Chinese territory will be held on 23 and 24 may.

It was planned that the October 17 and 18 series will come on the road in Shanghai, however, the stage was moved, which may indicate that this weekend is scheduled to race Formula 1, according to Formula Scout.

On October 11, in the Formula 1 calendar scheduled Japanese Grand Prix, so from the point of view of logistics, it would be logical to hold a Chinese Grand Prix immediately after the stage in Japan.

Recall that the start of the season in Formula 1 was postponed last weekend, literally two hours before the start of the first free practice of Grand Prix of Australia. The reason pandemic coronavirus. Later it became known about the cancellation of the stages in Bahrain and Vietnam. Before that it was the postponed race in China. Soon Formula 1 announced the postponement of the stages in the Netherlands and Spain to cancel the race in Monaco. On 23 March it became known about the transfer of the stage in Azerbaijan.

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