Goffin: it’s hard to stay motivated to workout in the current situation

The tenth racket of the world Belgian David Goffin admitted that he finds it hard to motivate yourself to train in an environment of uncertainty regarding the time of return to the professional tour.

“It’s hard to keep the motivation. It takes time to find her and continue with physical training, cross country training. The most difficult is to make a plan when there is no exact date. It is unclear whether to relax or to work hard in training in full — or, perhaps, to do something in between.

Personally, I have resumed training for two weeks, working with the ball. Before I picked up a racket in about seven weeks. While physical training is not throwing, so that everything goes well. I am glad that I can play. During the quarantine, I did a program that was sent to me by a fitness coach, based on the opportunities that were at home.

I do not believe that the competition will resume shortly. Before the official international competitions will be a long time, and we all need to exercise patience in waiting for the adrenaline of the matches and the atmosphere created by the fans,” said Goffin in interview RTL.de.

The pandemic coronavirus tennis season was suspended. It is assumed that it will not resume until August. While the organizers have already announced the postponement of the “Roland Garros” in September and the cancellation of Wimbledon. It is not yet known, will there be a US Open. Organizers are considering holding the tournament in another city and not in new York, where he is always. At the same time, it is not excluded that the tournament will be canceled altogether.

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