Glushakov: I see myself as a coach. Cherchesov will end, instead, the team will go

Midfielder Grozny, “Akhmad” Denis Glushakov during a conversation with Nobel Arustamian told about the plans to become a coach.

“Yes, I went to study at the coach. I’ll become a coach. And you, Nobel, take agent. You money hack — kickbacks, sunsets… In fact I really see myself as a coach. Why not? Immediately, the team will go. Stanislav Salamis you’re ready and I’ll go instead. Just kidding, of course.

In fact, we’ll see. Depends on what are the tasks which team. In RPL. You buy players, and will only have to gather them, combine and place. And you can be part of it, where you need to build and achieve success through intelligence and cunning. Everyone has a different fate in football”, — said Glushakov in the program “Insiders” on TV channel “Premier Match”.

Glushakov also did not rule out returning in “Spartak”.

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