Gary Medel: Bologna manager regrets Chilean player’s injuries

    Gary Medel: Bologna manager regrets Chilean player’s injuries

    The second season of Gary Medel in it Bologna is being far from expected with injuries haunting him frequently and limiting him to barely having 10 games of action so far this season. A league, of which only five have started to add only 454 minutes.

    For Marco Di Vaio, sports director of the Italian team, the already frequent loss of the Chilean is painful for the club. “When Erick Pulgar left, we needed an experienced player in that position. This year he has had no luck.”, said the former player in an interview with TNT Sports.

    Who, as an active footballer, was a forward, talks about the complicated emotional moment that the Pitbull lives. “He played little, he was injured a lot. He is suffering, the team is missing Gary. His attitude in every training is very, very high. He gives a lot and improves his teammates, “he said.

    For Di Vaio, the former player from Universidad Católica is highly valued by the coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic. “The coach made him play defense, which is a place he likes. That he can’t be in the group Sunday to Sunday hurts us a lot. The most important thing now is to try to win, we know that with Gary in the team we have more chances. Without him it will be more difficult to score points. “

    Bologna is in 11th position in the Serie A standings, having collected 34 points from 29 games. In his next match he will face Rome, this Sunday, starting at 12:00 hours in Chile.

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