Games blogger Maddison called traitors to Russia, those who play Call of Duty: Warzone

March 9 was announced the battle Royale for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare called Warzone. However, not everyone was happy about this news. Well-known gaming blogger Ilya Maddyson criticized the developers of Activision’s borrowing my game of the Gulag – system of the Main Directorate of camps and places of detention in the Soviet Union.

Also Elijah called all the players who will start the Warzone, traitors of Russia: “All who will play today in COD: Warzone – Russian traitors, laughing at the tragic history of the country. How many people were tortured and died in the Gulag, and these ***** from Activision called entertainment mode, where there is a knife fight for the continuation of the game. Repulsed *****”!

Is it worth to take seriously this tweet? Given that Ilya after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has announced a boycott of the game and called it “malicious propaganda”, it is likely his words seriously.

Call of Duty: Warzone will be released on all major platforms, but will not appear in Russian PlayStation Store. You can download it on PC and Xbox One Russian players will be able Mar 10.


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