Future LNG plant: Crevier launches an idea

Capture, recover and share the heat lost at Énergie Saguenay’s future plant. This is the idea that the Promotion Saguenay municipal councilor and director, Jean-Marc Crevier, is launching. Surprised by the amount of heat that would be lost at the industrial liquefaction complex of natural gas at the Port of Saguenay site, Mr. Crevier saw the potential that such a source of heat could have on the regional economy. He now invites the management of LNG Quebec to look into the matter.
“I was told in mid-February that such a plant can lose up to 20% of the energy it produces. This energy flies away, while the heat could be recovered. This project (an industrial liquefaction complex for natural gas at the Port of Saguenay site) is likely to occur. And there is a huge heat recovery potential to exploit for other projects, “said Jean-Marc Crevier, in an interview with The Daily, Monday late afternoon.

The city councilor, curious to know more, has also met experts in the field, including representatives of Agrinova, as well as the professor of the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, Laszlo Kiss, specialist, among others, in heat transfer.

“He explained that recovering heat from such a plant could heat dozens of greenhouses, for example,” said Jean-Marc Crevier.

His idea is simple. He would like LNG Quebec to look into the possibility of capturing, recovering and sharing this lost energy even before plans and specifications for the plant are drawn.

“If we want other projects to take advantage of this heat, for example by setting up near the future plant, it must be considered before construction, so that the heat outputs, for example, are part of the plans. A blow that the plant will be built, it will be too late, “says Crevier, which gives an example of greenhouse projects, but also aquaculture.

“I’m sure there are plenty of ideas and that’s why I’m launching this idea,” added the councilor. “I especially want to know if LNG management is interested in sitting at a table and forming a committee to study this possibility. And it’s time to do it, “he notes.

The Daily contacted Stephan Tremblay, Regional Development Manager at Énergie Saguenay, who was aware of Jean-Marc Crevier’s approach. He was unable to confirm the 20% heat loss advanced by the councilor, since the design engineering is still not started. But he believes that the idea of ​​recovering heat for other projects is very interesting and goes into the company’s values.

“Design engineering is going to start in a few months, and we’ll know more at that time. It is certain that the idea of ​​recovering energy is exploratory, but is very interesting, “said Stephan Tremblay, who is delighted to see a city councilor take such a step

Saguenay Power

LNG Quebec has been developing the Énergie Saguenay project, a natural gas liquefaction industrial complex in Grande-Anse, since 2014, with the goal of exporting 11 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year from Quebec’s natural gas supply sources. Western Canada. The project includes liquefaction equipment, storage and marine infrastructure. The project is based on an investment estimated at US $ 7.2 billion and is expected to be operational in 2025, according to LNG plants.

The next stage of the project is the presentation of an environmental impact study.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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