From SUV to compact sports car!

    From SUV to compact sports car!

    Our colleagues at Global bring us a truly special Volkswagen Tiguan. This is a very surprising preparation, which transforms the German SUV into a sports compact.

    I present it to you: it is called Volkswagen Tiguan SE R-Line Black RiNo and has been conceived by Jamie Orr, a very versatile man, since among his professions, there are those of car manufacturer, driver, tuning specialist, logistics director and journalist. There is that …

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    Focusing on the car, the most obvious change is the brutal reduction in ground clearance, courtesy of an adaptive suspension. Also striking are the 20-inch custom wheels with a matt anthracite finish, which are fitted with 285-millimeter section tires, much wider than the standard ones.

    The braking system has been enhanced and incorporates six-piston calipers on the front axle. Also specific are the four glossy black tailpipes, reminiscent of those on the 320 hp Tiguan R, and the aluminum side sills, also finished in black.

    From SUV to compact sports car!

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    In the rear there is also a large spoiler, located in the upper part of the rear window. The rear windshield wiper has been removed and a Thule T1 bike rack has been integrated. The reason? Orr is a bicycle enthusiast.

    From SUV to compact sports car!

    In the cargo area of ​​the Volkswagen Tiguan Black RiNo, there are several hangers to be able to leave the helmet for the bike or the rubber of the compressor that, by the way, is integrated into the floor, as you can see in the photo above. A strip of LED lights illuminates the trunk of the SUV … sorry, the compact sports car.

    The list of modifications is completed by a DSG gear knob with hand-stitched Alcantara. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which TSI engine this prototype carries because it is not given in the official information. In any case, it is not essential either, since the vehicle will only be shown at events of the German brand in the United States.

    You can take a tour of this custom Tiguan by watching Orr’s video below. Jamie owns about 20 “rare or unusual” Volkswagens, so it goes without saying that he has a huge soft spot for the German firm.

    From SUV to compact sports car!

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