From garlic to ODUs: the users of the Network offer to protect yourself from coronavirus

От чеснока до спецкостюмов: чем пользователи Сети предлагают защититься от коронавируса

Humor from the Internet that should not be taken seriously.

According to who, traditional folk or home remedies can promote well-being and relief of symptoms COVID-19, however, drugs that can prevent or treat this disease, still there. In spite of this, people not understanding the seriousness of the situation, sometimes by trying to protect themselves with very questionable substances. For example, in India trying to protect themselves, using cow urine and using sprays based on it. About it writes BBC.

Not asleep, and scammers trying to sell charms against the coronavirus, healing tinctures, or even honey with protection from all ills, including COVID-19. The benefit most often, such suggestions are quickly removed Internet sites, so as not to mislead users. In the Network remain just obvious jokes. Here are a few fun examples from Twitter.

Of course, this only humor that should not be taken seriously. Now for protection from the coronavirus sufficient to adhere to the main recommendations of the who. These simple but very important tips can protect you and your loved ones. Do not neglect them.

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