From being the second worst salary on his team to the millions in the NBA: the fabulous offer from Oklahoma City Thunder to Gabriel Deck

    From being the second worst salary on his team to the millions in the NBA: the fabulous offer from Oklahoma City Thunder to Gabriel Deck

    Gabriel Deck will join Facundo Campazzo in the NBA (Photo: @ gabrieldeck14)

    The life of Gabriel Deck it will change in a snap. As he was in every move in his career. The Tortuga take a momentous leap in his sporting life to play in the NBA, but it will also experience a substantial change in its economy. Pending official confirmation of your arrival at the Oklahoma City Thunder, in Spain gave details of the fabulous offer made by the North American franchise and compared their numbers with the salary he received in the Real Madrid.

    The Argentine forward of 26 years He arrived at one of the best teams in the world at the European level in July 2018 and signed a contract with that entity until the middle of this year. His good level on Spanish soil has long awakened the radar of NBA scouts, but there was a key detail behind his stay at the Merengue to finish convincing him to leave: was the second worst salary in the workforce despite being a code name in the structure.

    The newspaper Brand detailed that Deck is the second lowest paid team behind 19-year-old Usman Garuba. The club tried to renew it at the end of 2020, but “It was too late”reported that outlet. According to the newspaper AS, the salary he had in the Merengue “It did not exceed 500,000 euros per year” and also has a $ 2 million termination clause.

    Amid this unfavorable economic context and before the logical temptation of the NBA, the City Thunders appeared with an offer on the table that will drastically modify their finances, beyond the absolute change in sports: they will pay 4 million dollars only for the months that remain until the end of the season, as detailed by the journalist Ricardo González in the newspaper AS.

    From being the second worst salary on his team to the millions in the NBA: the fabulous offer from Oklahoma City Thunder to Gabriel Deck

    Deck had signed a contract with Real Madrid in 2018 for three seasons (Photo: EFE)

    The Oklahoma franchise, which will face the Philadelphia 76ers tomorrow, has 20 matches ahead until May 16 that this part of the season will end. Placed in 13th place in the Western Conference with 20 wins and 32 losses, the playoffs that begin on May 22 are getting further and further away from planning, so the focus is on the team of the future.

    The team currently commanded by Mark Daigneault also has the “Unilateral option” to sign the Argentine a new contract for another three seasons and 11 million dollars if you finally meet the expectations that revolve around your arrival.

    There is a key detail to explain this proposal: the NBA has salary caps, but also lower limits. Oklahoma is close to the “salary floor”, a minimum floor that must be invested in the salaries of the players before the end of the season because otherwise it could receive some sanction from the organization. According to the Spanish media, Oklahoma is about 4 million below that threshold and from there the flexibility it had when making the investment for Deck is also explained..

    The exit clause with Real Madrid already generated concern in his club because it allowed him to leave at any time of the season, something that will eventually happen. Within the initial payment to Deck, there will also be an amount that will surely be directed to pay that section in the contract, something similar to what happened with Campazzo when he emigrated to the Denver Nuggets.

    Namely, Oklahoma would spend about $ 750,000 to cover part of the clause (It is the maximum allowed in the NBA for this type of transfers) and within $ 4 million per contract until the end of the season there will be the money that Gabriel will use to complete what remains to be covered of the clause.

    The Team USA initially made a bid of two million dollars until the end of the season, something that Real Madrid quickly tried to equalize with the intention of renewing Deck and keeping him on his staff. However, Oklahoma’s economic might allowed to double the numbers and add to that the proposal of an ambitious sports project, with a team under reconstruction who bets on young people and has from the upcoming draft to 2027 a total of 34 picks insured (17 in the first round and 17 in the second) thanks to the good movements made by his management in recent times.

    While all this is developing, the Madrid club acted quickly in the market to resolve the sensitive decline. In the next few hours the incorporation of Vincent Poirier –Who was recently cut by the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers– as reported by the media The sixth. If this operation is confirmed, the Frenchman will have a lot of work to replace him: Deck was key yesterday in Turkey’s 93-67 win over Fenerbahce with 19 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds in more than 38 minutes on the court.


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