Franklin Mirabal and his girlfriend are moving in together

    Franklin Mirabal and his girlfriend are moving in together

    The famous sports writer Franklin Mirabal prepares an apartment to move in with his new girlfriend, Penny Baez.

    In a video posted on social media, the driver of Sports Impact He claims to put the finishing touches on his new home and claims to be supported by God alongside his fiancée.

    «In final touches … A new home, with a real woman and supported by God«Mirabal wrote at the bottom of a video posted on his Instagram account.

    In the graphic material, of just over 10 seconds, you can see part of the apartment where the communicator would move with his girlfriend.

    I’m excited, shocked. Long live love, long live our new apartment. God is with us!“Franklin exclaimed when asked by Penny Báez about the preparations for the move and the decoration of the new house.

    It is remembered that, after Franklin Mirabal ended his relationship with Dianabell Gómez, a fact that was very popular on social networks, the famous sports writer gave a wedding ring to Penny Báez, to which he reacted: «I am lucky. When the woman is very pretty, intelligent, with values ​​and loyal, then she is the perfect girl.

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