Forward of UNICS Tyus: I think season of VTB United League will finish ahead of schedule

The forward of the Kazan UNICS Alex Tyus does not believe that the season in the VTB United League will be played due to pandemic coronavirus.

“To be honest, I think that the season of VTB United League will finish ahead of schedule. We would like to continue playing, but… We see discarded Championships in other countries, what is happening in the US and Europe. The Olympics moved people say that you need to stay in quarantine. I see that in Russia the situation with coronavirus is not the same as in many other places, but we know that in the VTB United League will not be able to play the Estonian “Kalev” and “Astana”, there are issues according to some participants of the European Cup… I don’t think the NBA will resume the season as scheduled. I don’t think we will be able to finish this season in the VTB United League.

We waited for a new round of the European Cup, wanted to play in VTB League. All eager to fight, but what happened happened and we can only wait and hope for a favorable outcome. We monitor their health and the health of their families, in UNICS, thank God, not ill. Unfortunately, the world is now in turmoil, but I hope that all is well and the season will last”, — quotes the words Tiusa “R-Sport”.


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