Former team Verstappen and LeClair is on the verge of bankruptcy

Team Formula 3 Van Amersfoort Racing is facing great financial problems due to postponement of the start of the season associated with the pandemic coronavirus. This was stated by the head of the Dutch stables Frits van Amersfoort.

“A significant difference of Formula 1 and Formula 3 that we have all pilots pay the teams. But now I can’t take money from drivers, as we have no racing. So we’re at an impasse. We got some advance payment and look forward to them. But we have on a permanent basis working 35 employees and we need them to continue to pay salaries. As long as it works, but how long it’ll last is the question. It should not take more than six months.

Of course, our expenses decreased. We do not do flights, pay for hotels and so on. But the point is that we are solvent when we get paid pilots”, — quotes the words of the official RTL.

We will remind, in the squad Van Amersfoort Racing in his time were the pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen and the racer “Ferrari” Charles LeClair.

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