Former Boca Daniele De Rossi hospitalized with coronavirus

    Former Boca Daniele De Rossi hospitalized with coronavirus

    The passing of Daniele De Rossi (37) for Argentina left a mark on all fans of Boca. And, from time to time, the former world champion with the Italian National Team has words of praise for what his experience in the country was, with discreet results but leaving everything behind.

    Now, the news about De Rossi in Italy is causing concern. It is that the midfielder had to be hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus. According to what the local media assure, the decision was made as a precaution.

    At present, De Rossi is part of the coaching staff of the Azzurra National Team, serving as an assistant to DT Roberto Mancini. The arrival of COVID-19 in his days has to do with a massive contagion suffered by the Italian squad: Bonucci, Florenzi, Verratti, Grifo, Cragno, Bernardeschi and Sirigu are just some of the names that are transiting the disease.

    In 2019, Daniele de Rossi training with Boca. Photo: Javier Garcia Martino – Photogamma.

    The former Boca was hospitalized in the last hours at the Lazzaro Spallanzani institute, a medical center in Rome. “It is a precautionary measure, since its general conditions are considered good and do not cause special concern,” they explained from the Italian capital.

    This complex situation that De Rossi and different members of the Azzurra are going through occurred after the string of infections they suffered after the recent FIFA date in which the Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 began, in which Italy beat Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania, with three 2-0s in each of the games.


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