Focus on young people, collect money and you can also be a key figure: this will be De Warmste Week 2021 | showbiz

Focus on young people, collect money and you can also be a key figure: this will be De Warmste Week 2021 | showbiz

showbizThis time no Linde Merckpoel or Eva De Roo: De Warmste Week passes the torch to 21 young people. In addition to the three ambassadors Gloria Monserez, Kawtar Ehlalouch and Stéphan Tanganagba, the VRT is looking for eighteen young people who want to take the whole of Flanders in tow. The central message of this year’s solidarity action is that everyone can be who they want to be. In addition to making this theme a topic for discussion, money is also being collected again.

Symbolically at five to twelve, the new concept of ‘De Warmste Week’ was announced by the three ambassadors of the campaign: Gloria Monserez, Kawtar Ehlalouch and Stéphan Tanganagba. The 24-year-old Kawtar has been the regular sidekick of Peter Van de Veire in ‘De Grote Peter Van de Veire Morning Show’ on MNM since 2019. 20-year-old Gloria has been working at VRT as a Ketnet wrapper since 2019 and has been presenting the evening block at Stubru since January 2021 (21:00 – 24:00). The 23-year-old Stéphan has been featured in the ‘Op Kot’ section in ‘Iedereen Beroemd’ in recent years.

The trio told Studio Brussel, MNM and One that the well-known formula of De Warmste Week is getting a new look. The message the ambassadors want to send is that everyone should be given the opportunity to be themselves. They immediately launched an appeal: the three are looking for eighteen committed young people between 16 and 24 years from Flanders or Brussels who want to join them in this project. In this way, the young people themselves take matters into their own hands in order to get the entire Flemish society involved in their engagement.

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Dare to be yourself

The message that everyone should be able to be themselves is one that ambassadors sometimes have a hard time with. “The feeling that you are accepted is important to me”, says Stéphan Tanganagba. “Whatever group you come in. At such a moment there should be no discrimination about your skin color or who you love or anything.” As a woman, Gloria Monserez also sometimes has difficulties being herself. “As a girl, for example, I still have to be on my guard too often when I’m walking down the street. I hope that through De Warmste Week all girls, women and by extension everyone can be who they are and that we can move stones there,” says Gloria.

Kawtar Ehlalouch has not always had it easy due to her Moroccan roots. “It also took me a long time to dare to be who I am. I was pretty much the only Moroccan at my school and I wish I could just be 100 percent myself back then. But that’s hard when you’re a little out of the loop. I’m already looking forward to my sisters being able to be whoever they want, with or without a headscarf.”

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Collect money back

In addition to raising awareness about this theme, De Warmste Week will once again collect money for concrete projects that ensure that everyone can be who they are or want to be. Just think of actions that help people with a visual impairment play sports at sports clubs, buddy activities for people with dementia and tailor-made companies that create opportunities for newcomers. Two years ago, more than 17 million euros was collected.

The Warmest Week will take place in the week before Christmas between December 18 and 24, 2021. Young people who feel called to be part of the solidarity action can now register via


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