Florentino-Laporta, want to see each other

    Florentino-Laporta, want to see each other

    Tomorrow the slogan of the banner planted in La Castellana with which
    won the elections. That subtly challenging message (‘You want to see you again’) propelled the Barcelona lawyer in the elections as many partners voted for him to defend the Barça on Madrid and stand up to the arbitration leaders and their committees, as well as the federative offices.

    Florentine Y
    will share the modest box of Valdebebas wanting to see each other while the team of
    will play for the first time on the main training ground, as he maliciously defined
    Jürgen Klopp
    . The Madrid president is not doing badly at all, who, thanks to the draconian rules that he has imposed, will continue until 2025 in an electoral process with no rivals on the horizon (
    Enrique Riquelme
    also comes from renewables and came out by posture) that will allow him to add his sixth term since 2000 with the interregnum of the three years of


    Laporta I could reply that the democracy in the Barça puts the fences too high. That from 2003 to 2021 there have been five elections, three no-confidence motions for two presidents, and an unbreathable fratricidal vigilante control.
    they know this Classic the champion can decide and the refereeing Matthew
    Lahoz it will be discussed whatever happens. If he Barça comes out stressed and determined as in Paris and finally beats a rival of his category, he would take a huge leap, distancing himself five points from the whites and leaving the Athletic with no choice but to win on Sunday at Betis without Luis Suarez
    Y Llorente
    . But Classic has more. The project of
    Florentine goes through his enthronement, the inauguration of the new stadium, the thorough remodeling of the squad with
    headlining and stopping the probable march of
    Floren aspires to leave its mark at the height of
    Santiago Bernabeu

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