Floods: “People are showing good resilience”

TROIS-RIVIERES – Psychosocial workers at the University Laval-Center-du-Quebec Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS MCQ) are working in municipalities affected by the floods. They verify that residents’ morale is holding up in this time of crisis.
“From the beginning, psychosocial workers have been deployed to make sure that no one in distress is left to their own devices. What is observed on the ground by these stakeholders is that people were still overall well-prepared. In addition, they can count on the excellent support of all the partners involved, including the army, Public Safety, the Sûreté du Québec and municipal security, as well as municipalities. These partners also tour. They help us a lot in locating, “explains Guillaume Cliche, spokesperson for the CIUSSS MCQ.

In collaboration with the army or the Sûreté du Québec, these interveners will meet affected residents in boats. The goal is to identify people who need psychosocial support or counseling. For the moment, most of the victims are keeping their spirits up. “People are showing good resilience, although we are seeing more and more exhaustion and fatigue, which is quite normal. Each person will have a different ability to handle all that. Some will need more support than others, so we’re here for that, “said Cliche.

The Info-social service makes sure to relaunch people who may have some signs of distress. “They will call these people back to see how their solution is changing, if they need more support, more support, if they can be helped in any way. It’s really support that is offered, “said the spokesman.

This service is not about to end. “When the water goes out, the real work will begin. People will mark the real impact of all this. It may be where people are going to need help the most. (…) It’s not because the water is withdrawing that we are going to do the same thing. On the contrary, we will be more and more present. ”

Psychosocial support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by dialing 811, option 2. Qualified psychosocial counselors are available to counsel people, provide them with information, or refer them to the appropriate resources in the area the CIUSSS.

“We should not hesitate to ask for help or to inform us if we witness a situation that concerns us in one of our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones,” concludes Mr. Cliche.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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