First B | United Coquimbo | Jean Beausejour against the U21 rule: You end up hurting them

    First B | United Coquimbo | Jean Beausejour against the U21 rule: You end up hurting them

    Jean Beausejour is preparing for its official premiere in Coquimbo Kingdom, where he arrived with the objective of ascending to First A.

    Along these lines, the former University of Chile assured that the promotion system this season is not fair: “Taking a promotion from the Second was practically killing that division. Most of the club owners are businessmen and they all bet on a market system and free competition, it is even contradictory … “.

    “The only way for football to progress is to add competition to it. There should be two promotion spots, not one and a half spots, and also another promotion per league. On the other hand, the ideal would be for the TV silver to be played on the court, “he added.

    The Chilean World Cup doesn’t like it either the rule of including under 21 players mandatory in each game: “Bread for today and hunger for tomorrow for the boys. Sometimes there have been boys who are not prepared and you end up hurting them, they are not prepared footballingly or mentally.”

    Beausejour also called for respecting health protocols to avoid more infections and that Chilean soccer is eventually suspended: “In the case of soccer, because it is an activity that takes place outdoors, it is practically impossible for outbreaks to exist, unless you do not respect the protocols If they are followed there is no drama. It seems spectacular to me that we reaffirm these principles. Although it is not an essential activity that produces people in quarantine, it is a balm, it is a little bit of joy. It is not essential, but what generates people is essential. “

    Finally, on the controversy that his former coach experienced, Rafael Dudamel, who bypassed restrictions due to the pandemic and invited some footballers to his home, said: “I do not know in detail the subject of the U. Personally, I do not go out to eat with technicians in exercise, I try to make my relationship absolutely professional. I like to keep those limits. “

    “I do not know what is happening now, but it will be the health authorities that determine this. From the distance and from the little knowledge I would not dare to say something, “he concluded.

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