Ferstappen said that he would like to try yourself behind the wheel of virtual cars NASCAR

The pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen commented his performance in second stage virtual series Real Racers Never Quit. The competitions were held on the track “Catalunya” on the GTE machines. Verstappen won both Zayed. After the finish he told me that next time I would like to try yourself behind the wheel of a NASCAR machine.

“I can say that I was happy with everything at the second stage, RRNQ. The car behaved well, the track is very enjoyable to drive. I like to win. Sometimes to fight on the track is fun. But in the case of these races win by a large margin no less pleasant. However, the guys behind me became faster and faster. You could see it in the second race.

The track really doesn’t matter to me because in this competition it all depends on the car. I wonder what technology we’ll speak again. Maybe NASCAR? I’ve never flown before these machines, so I’m very curious, how it will happen”, — quotes the words Verstappen GPblog.


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