Ferrari gives Leclerc a very special gift: his 2019 SF90

    Ferrari gives Leclerc a very special gift: his 2019 SF90

    The Monegasque driver achieved his first victory in Formula 1 with the SF90

    Fernando Alonso is one of the few drivers who owns and exhibits his cars in a museum

    Ferrari has presented Charles Leclerc with the SF90 that he drove during the season in which he made his debut with the Italian team. This is a very unusual gift and one that only a very limited number of drivers have the luxury of receiving, such as Fernando Alonso.

    Charles Leclerc, who has announced that he wants to renew his contract with Ferrari beyond 2024, has been presented by those from Maranello with the SF90 that he drove in 2019, his first year with the Italian team. Leclerc received the special award today at his residence in Monaco.

    The car is complete, with V6, MGU-K and MGU-H. Of course, it would need the assistance of dozens of engineers and mechanics to be able to start the car, given its great technical complexity.

    The Ferrari SF90 is not only the car with which the Monegasque driver made his debut in the Italian team, but also with which he achieved his first podiums and even his first victories in the premier class.

    The Ferrari driver got his first pole in the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix and this one, he was accompanied by six more throughout the season. In addition, he was on the podium a total of 10 times that year. But the most remarkable thing is that the only two victories he has achieved so far in Formula 1 have been at the wheel of the SF90. In addition, they were two very special triumphs for the Monegasque.

    He climbed to the top of the box for the first time at the Belgian Grand Prix, where he was able to pay tribute to his friend Anthoine Hubert, who had passed away just the day before during the Formula 2 race at Spa-Francorchamps. The next victory was a week later, at Monza, and he was able to celebrate it with all the ‘tifosi’, who were beginning to see him as a leader for the Italian team.

    Other drivers such as Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso have also had the privilege of keeping some of their old Ferrari cars with them. Alonso exhibits his at the Fernando Alonso Museum, where even the car with which he debuted in the Indy 500 is on display. In fact, the Asturian driver usually asks in his contracts that the cars he competes with be delivered to him once the race is over. season.

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