Ferrari did not allow the FIA to announce details of the deal on the motors, threatening sanctions

The President of the FIA Jean Todt has shared his thoughts about the situation around the case of engines “Ferrari” model 2019. We will remind, the FIA conducted an investigation regarding the legality of the power plant of the Italian team. In February 2020, it was announced that the parties had reached agreement, but its essence was not disclosed.

This provoked the protests of most teams. The pandemic coronavirus topic has gone by the wayside, but with the resumption of the championship may again become relevant.

“If you ask me, I can say that with pleasure would show you all the details, but Ferrari was against it. They would apply to us sanctions, but can’t say exactly what. Whatever it was, it was clear that we were not able to say anything.

However, we felt that it would be wrong to hide the discussion of the problem of engines “Ferrari”. We have applied certain sanctions due to the fact that some of the team’s actions were illegal.

Frankly, it’s simple, it’s all very simple. We put a lot of effort to make our conclusions. But our technicians said that they are unlikely to demonstrate that will testify about the illegality of engines “Ferrari”, — quotes the Todt Autosport.

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