Fernando Llorente is sincere about his future

    Fernando Llorente is sincere about his future

    Author of 1 goal in his first 10 games, Fernando llorente came to Udinese in the past winter market. The Rioja striker, world champion with Spain in 2010 is now 36 years old and has given an interview to Marca in which he talks about his landing in his current squad, and also values ​​some options for the future.

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    “I had been told very well about the team and the city and, when the opportunity to sign came, I didn’t think about it. I thought it would be a good thing for me to finish the year competing. I was not wrong. I am happy with the decision made. I drank. Hopefully I can finish the season well and then we’ll see what to do next “says the forward.

    He has also valued the possibility of changing the airs again later: “I’ve always had options, even from big South American clubs like Boca or Flamengo. But I still don’t see myself doing that kind of trip. My goal or it has always been to stay in Europe to try to do my best. I do it for him. being close to family. Going so far is an adventure to think about it. Right now, with three little ones, I’m constantly changing cities enough to cross the pond. It’s not easy “.

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