Fer: now the NHL players will think about whether to go to the Olympics-2022 in Beijing

The head of trade Union of players of NHL Donald fer has commented on possible refusal of the League to participate in the Olympic games 2022 to be held in the capital of China Beijing. We will remind that earlier a lot of hockey the NHL has expressed persistent consent to participate in the Olympics.

“As for the Olympics-2022 in Beijing, I think it goes without saying that players, and everyone else will think about how the world has changed. And do they really believe that they have to go for reasons of health or safety. When statistics show that world travel is again possible, of course, the players will have to think about it. It is human nature from all points of view.

For the NHL game outside of North America will be determined on the basis of facts. When we get back to the point, when the borders are opened, those problems about which now all speak, should be reduced. And to the extent that they will not be considered serious. If this does not happen, it will all be very hard to weigh and measure the risks”, — quotes the words Fera The Hockey News.


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