Fedez on the attack, new broadside against Matteo Renzi

Fedez on the attack, new broadside against Matteo Renzi


The famous rapper is back with new caustic comments against some Italian politicians: this is the reason for his outburst

Published on July 20, 2021

The popular rapper Fedez returns to attack some Italian politicians from his official account Instagram. In the past few hours, in fact, the famous artist has shared stories where he comments on a post by the League Villages, which allegedly associated, according to the singer, HIV-positive homosexuality.

Immediately after, Chiara Ferragni’s husband wrote caustic words to the address of in another Instagram Story Matteo Renzi. The rapper writes that there is a young gentleman (who had promised the Italians that he would withdraw from politics) who in recent weeks said that with these characters we must come to terms.

Because politics is made up of compromises. The rapper then concluded by commenting: “The same as ‘if I had a gay son I would burn him in the oven’ which obviously do not miss an opportunity to prove themselves wrong“. Fedez closes his post by tagging Matteo Renzi.

In the last few days, even the singer’s wife, Chiara Ferragni, went to the attack of the former Prime Minister. The reason for their broadcasts is once again due to the difficulties that the approval of the Zan bill is having in Parliament.

And it is precisely the opening of the leader of Italia Viva to the League that Ferragnez did not like. Opening due to the acceptance of some changes to the bill. The continuous changes made to the decree, in fact, are doing slip to an indefinite date the end of its process.

In a past Instagram Story Chiara had represented everything his contempt for Italian politicians, commenting on a post in which Italy was defined as one of the most transphobic countries in Europe. In short, the agreement between Italia Viva and the Lega has not really gone down.

After reading the harsh attack of the influencer with 24 million followers, Renzi wanted to reply and have his say. After recalling that he had repeatedly defended Ferragni, the former premier stressed that during his mandate at Palazzo Chigi it was promulgated the law of civil unions.

He then invited Chiara to a direct confrontation with him. It is not known whether Chiara or Fedez will accept Renzi’s invitation, but it is certain that the Ferragnez will continue to have their say on what is happening in Parliament regarding the Zan bill and beyond.

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