Federer told as a child was fond of tennis

20-fold winner of tournaments of “Grand slam” 38-year-old Swiss Roger Federer told as a child was fond of tennis and took autographs from the players.

“I collected a lot of posters of various events that have been in the early 90-ies of XX century. All the players of that time were in my album. Gathered all about the tournaments, the trophies, the players even met with all of them. And then I became Balboa in the tournament in his native Basel, where he also did not forget to take autographs from the players. Previously, it was easier, because the self did not exist” — quoted Federer Tennis World USA.

Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, all tennis tournaments suspended until June 7, and ratings frozen. Federer became one of those who benefited from this situation. The fact is that due to a recent knee surgery, the Swiss would have missed cancelled tournaments, have lost ranking points and in fourth place in the world classification.


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