“Favoritism? False, she was treated like other mothers”

“Favoritism? False, she was treated like other mothers”

July 16, 2021 08:41

“No plan was entirely dedicated to the showgirl”, assures the management, according to which “the department has not suffered any slowdowns of any kind”


As for the vigilance, Dal Ben explains to Il Corriere della Sera that “it was put in place to prevent any fans and onlookers from creating problems for the other patients”.

The elevators

The image appeared on social media with a sign announcing the need to keep the elevators blocked to favor the showgirl is then branded as fake news. In fact, says the management of the facility, four of the six elevators have always been available to everyone.

“Only two were forbidden to stop on the third floor – specifies Dal Ben -. But it is a freight elevator and an elevator used by external companies. Being the farthest from the gatehouse and less controllable, we decided to keep them blocked”.

The sign The sheet with the words “due to Belen elevators blocked for privacy” was, therefore, a simple indication left on the desk of the security officer to inform him. “He never appeared inside or outside the elevators – he continues -. Evidently he was photographed and started circulating on chat and then on social networks”.

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